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December 6-7, 2014

Silicon Valley


Explore the Future of Driving

Onramp 2014 is an opportunity presented by Toyota for Silicon Valley to explore the intersection of new technology and the driving experience. Designers and developers are invited to participate in the Onramp Challenge, a hackathon with $10,000 top prize.  And all are welcome join the conversation on demo day as we view the winning applications and hear from industry leaders.  We look forward to seeing you at this free event!


Take the Onramp Challenge

On the weekend of December 6-7 we will be at the San Mateo Event Center in the heart of Silicon Valley to explore the future of the car driving experience. 

Saturday will be the Onramp 2014 Challenge, a competition where developers and designers can experiment with what new experiences can be enabled by today's emerging technologies. 

Uniquely we will have Scion FR-S sports cars at the Challenge. An experimental new technology will allow these cars to live stream their driving data as they are driven about courses and the city. The participants can build smartphone apps that connect via Bluetooth or the web to gather and use this data.

We invite individuals, teams, and companies to participate in the Challenge and create new applications exploring how to use this data to improve the fun, safety, and efficiency of the driving experience.


Join the Conversation

On Sunday we invite you to come to Onramp 2014 to be part of the conversation as the Challenge winners, Toyota, and other experts come together to share their visions for the future of the car driving experience.


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